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New Community Impacts

New Community Impacts

This project comprised investigations into the impact that the proposed state development areas of Yarrabilba and Flagstone would have on the existing State-controlled road network. It is expected that upon build out, Yarrabilba will become home to approximately 45,000 people while the Greater Flagstone area will accommodate approximately 120,000 people. The significant growth attributed to these developments has required the development of mitigation and upgrade strategies for the State-controlled road network.   

Geleon provided the following services:
  •  Generated expected population figures based on growth rates; 
  •  Determined current and future levels of service for the existing road network; 
  •  Determined critical points at which existing infrastructure would fail to provide the  required level of service; 
  •  Identified mitigation and upgrade strategies to ensure satisfactory levels of service  would be provided as the area developed; 
  •  Quantified the costs associated with the mitigation and upgrade strategies; 
  •  Quantified the bring forward cost component due to the development; 
  •  Quantified the contribution amount associated with each development for the  mitigation and upgrade strategies; and
  •  Compiled a report briefing TMR on the findings and expected outcomes associated  with the development of the area.


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